About brooke

Hello, I'm Brooke.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario with my parents, two brothers and two family dogs. I adore animals and love their company. The black and white sweetie you see here is my dog, Mia. She inspired me to write Little Mia's Big Heart.

Art has always been a passion of mine, and my parents encouraged me to pursue what I love. I went to Canterbury High School of the Arts and discovered I could actually turn my passion into a career. I studied all realms of the visual arts and excelled in all of them. I graduated with honours and a scholarship, and continued on the road to success. I earned my Bachelor of Applied Arts (Illustration) from Sheridan College, where I learned an entirely new side of art, beginning the career of my dreams.

In 2014, I created my own company and named it Crayon Occasion Art School. I teach children, teens and adults how to paint and draw. The classes are designed so that beginning artists will capture a masterpiece.

Photo Credit: Joshua McCullough Photography