Little Mia’s Big Heart

Little Mia’s Big Heart, written and illustrated by Brooke, is a story that can be enjoyed by all. It will show children that friendship can be found in the most unexpected places and how important it is to be kind to others and not judge those who seem odd. The story encourages children to be forgiving; everyone makes mistakes and Mia proves that forgiveness always wins. Children will learn about animals on a farm and see how each one discovers an incredible part of themselves. This was all thanks to friendship and little Mia, who helped the others find it.

About Mia

mia and me illustrated book

When I met Mia, it was love at first sight. Big, ingenious eyes, a goofy under-bite with crooked teeth, little legs and funny, furry ears, messy like bed head. Mia’s inquisitive curiosity, gentle love and friendly nature became all the inspiration I needed to write and illustrate Little Mia’s Big Heart.

Photo credit: Joshua McCullough Photography

Children will learn that kindness always wins, forgiveness pays off in the end, and being helpful to those in need is empowering. So many children do not know how awesome they are. Little Mia’s Big Heart will show them how.