photo credit: Joshua McCullough Photography

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario with my parents, two brothers and two family dogs, Nikki and Rocky. I adore animals and love their company. The black and white sweetie you see here is Mia. I love her and she inspired me to write Little Mia’s Big Heart.

Art and imaginative writing has always been a passions of mine, and my parents encouraged me to pursue what I love. I went to Canterbury High School of the Arts and discovered I could actually turn my passion into a career. I studied all realms of the visual arts and excelled in all of them. I graduated with honours and a scholarship, and continued on the road to success. I earned my Bachelor of Applied Arts (Illustration) from Sheridan College, where I learned an entirely new side of art, beginning the career of my dreams.

In 2014, I created my own company and named it Crayon Occasion. I teach children and adults how to paint and draw. It is constantly growing and I have several returning customers who quote, “love my art lessons.”  I teach from my home, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for everyone. The classes remain small so students receive plenty of my attention. The classes are designed so that beginning artists will create a masterpiece.